Saturday, March 12, 2011

Telugu Indian Teen Dick

Since "Shilpa" is whining about so many Punjabi guys being posted lately, here's a guy from a different part of South Asia to keep "her" satisfied. Here's a Telugu South Indian teen named Thrivikram:

i JUST turned 18 and HAD to send you my pics :) i LOVE your blog :)
i am an 18 year old indian teen and my cock is 6.5-7 inches (depends how turned on i am ;) )
i am a south indian ... very outdoorsy and am bicurious ...
just make sure you do not put the picture with my face with the rest ....
thanks dude

Why do gay Indian guys always call themselves "bicurious" or "bi"? If you're visiting a blog dedicated to cocks, you're much more than curious, lol.

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