Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Want To Contribute Pictures To This Blog?

Some people are commenting under posts trying to get pictures posted and I just end up deleting most of them because it's spam. If you have some real pictures and/or videos of South Asian guys and they're hot, feel free to e-mail them:


I said real for a reason. Just because a guy is brown doesn't make him South Asian. Some person keeps linking a gallery to a South American guy and telling me to post it. Not happening. And I'm not going to post you if you're unattractive or the pics just suck.

Also, please don't send me spam, requests to meet up with you or things of that sort. Previously I put up an e-mail address to an old Yahoo account I used with a friend because I expected people to send me trash and they, of course, did. Let's not to do that this time, thanks.


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